These are by far some of my favorite pictures I’ve put on my blog. Not as much because I like the way they were taken or that more than 80% turned out, but more because I was so happy taking them. Soooo cheesy, I knowww!!

My friend Cami and I surprised our friend Carmen for her 16th birthday (two days later ha). We set up a banner, balloons all over her room, and her gifts on the floor. Then we hid in her bathroom behind the door until she came up ahah. She was confused, and we thought it would be funny to not jump out right when she came in, so we waited a minute or two to scare her;-) Then we wanted to take some pictures for her birthday (of her) so we got her all dolled up- I did her makeup, and Cami did her hair. SO much fun, alllll the time with these two.

Now to the real sappy ‘I’m so thankful for them’ part!!! But foreaaal, they can brighten any day. There’s been numerous times I’ve came to them crying about this or that, and an hour after hanging out with them, I’ve just about forgotten about the whole thing. They are just full of happiness. Like for example, OVER HALF of the pictures are blurry because Carmen is dancing in them all! Ha, she could not stay still. I was also really selfish and kept a lot of my favorite pictures to myself;-) Love them big time!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! xo

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One thought on “Carmen

  1. This is the best thing:) crying tears of happiness and thankfulness because of you and wonderful cam! Ps: send me these pics when you get a chance-Carmen

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