Friend Christmas + Dec. Video

IMG_0916IMG_0919IMG_0921IMG_0925IMG_0941IMG_0943IMG_0953IMG_0958IMG_0961IMG_0969IMG_0973IMG_0983IMG_0993IMG_1009IMG_1024IMG_1026IMG_1034IMG_7425IMG_7426IMG_7427Last year my friends and I got together for a gift exchange/cookie decorating/light seeing night. Because it was so much fun we did it again this year:) We drove around for an hour looking at any sort of Christmas lights we could, played Christmas charades, watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Elf, and a couple of us decorated cookies. It was such a fun night and I absolutely love hanging with these girls haha they make me laugh so hard I love it.

Happy Holidays!
xoxo Laney

P.S. This video is a montage of some fun nights this December 🙂 Hope you guys love it!

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