Weekend at the Lake

This weekend my dad, sister, and friend Carson went up to my Nana’s place on the lake in Michigan. It’s always so much fun and while we’re there we usually get to go tubing, on multiple hour boat rides, and eat some of the greatest food. We took one of my dogs up this time too and it was so funny watching him get in the water and try to swim!

This time up at the lake was extra special because my Papa’s boat was finally here and we got to spend a bunch of time on it. Papa loooooved the lake and it was very cool to be there because it really felt like he was there with us, and I know he was.

I took a bunch of pics while we were there too so keep scrolling to see them all:)


2 thoughts on “Weekend at the Lake

  1. That looks like too much fun. I bet you had a great time. Laney i hope your having a wonderful senior year in high school. I love every single picture. I can’t believe its already August of 2018.


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