my favorite mindset

starting off with pictures that make me happy- mostly because i was extremely happy when they were taken 🙂

this is a much different post than my other ones, but it’s something i don’t want to forget!! since senior year started, i’ve told myself this is a year of lasts and i better make it worth something. i changed my mindset from just going ‘day-to-day’ to trying to make memories at any time or place. i’m going to sound nuts i already know but oh well. i now live by the phrase “why be sad when you can be happy” and it’s wild how much a single phrase can change your perspective on just about anything. it’s so true tho, why waste your time being sad when you can have a good time instead? i’ve had some rough years and i’m ready to be over them! this year my friends and i created our own little tribe and i’ve never been in such a good place before. (i’ll only hype up the girls for a sec i promise!) we do just about anything, anywhere, at anytime. #makingmemories is kinda what we go by regularly, and it’s so. much. fun. i love them beyond words…if i dont say that enough:)

this is going to sound so cliche you’ll start cringing but everyooooone deserves to be happy, and not feel bad about it. it’s easy to do once you’ve surrounded yourself with people who bring you up, make you laugh, and everything in between. if you don’t have those people, be that person. everyone is all that more beautiful when they feel happy on the inside- and i believe in that hardcore. don’t waste your time waiting for something good to happen, you need to make something good happen and the rest will come along. that’s where i found myself earlier this year- waiting for something good to happen instead of taking charge and finding my own happiness. it does wonders people. don’t get it twisted tho- i still have my rough days but that’s just how it goes. on those days tho i alwaaaaays tell myself, “tomorrow’s a new day” (*cringe*) and “why be sad when you can be happy”. basic, i know, but it helps me so much. when you’re happy you want everyone to be happy, that’s where i’m at at least. be someone who everyone wants to be around because your energy is so powerful 🙂 love people (at least until they give you a reason to do otherwise), keep that smile on your face, and find the happiness everywhere! there’s a spark of happiness in everyone and once you find it is seriously becomes a full-blown logs, sticks, and straw bonfire. (*cringe again*)

i love you all and I hope you find endless amounts of joy and happiness!

…thanks for coming to my ted talk

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