punta cana

for my senior spring break, my family and some of my friends went to Punta Cana and it was gorgeous. i’ve never seen such blue water- the whole place looked like a postcard. we stayed in our resort, but there was soooo much to do so we were never bored. it was all inclusive which is the best thing i’ve ever experienced. i’m outing myself rn but i would literally go get 2 plates for breakfast then ice cream, and for dinner i don’t even know how many times we would all go back up.

there’s pics down below that i took of my friends (and a couple of myself). my girls are gorgeous (as you will see). i think my favorite line was when bella would say “i could not be a model omg” after we all said she needs to be one. LOOK AT HER (shes the blonde one that literally doesn’t take a bad pic). there’s also a video at the very bottom so go knock yourself out:)

(this little part is for me so I don’t forget things about it so y’all can skip past if you’d like)

our room was so extravagent it had 2 stories which was nice cause we had some extra space. the uncool part was the whole transparent shower thing going on so the whole fam would have to go somewhere if someone wanted to shower 🙂 so convienent. first world problems I KNOW.

there were so many different resteraunts to eat at but most nights we would end up at the sports bar in the huge round booth. we ate breakfast at the same place every morning too and i swear the thing was huuuuge. the hibachi grill was an experience in itself, but i truly miss the pasta with alfredo sauce that we would all eat every. single. night. muuuuuuy bien

the white beach party. very fun. very interesting. dancers covered in glitter literally head to toe. these girls had white bodysuits on and these enormous wings that lit up. it was very over the top and i loved it.

the ViRgIn strawberry daquiris. honestly that’s all.

oh and when my face swelled up after the first day cause im a certified da and got second degree sunburns and sun poisoning on my face. #wearyoursunscreen #eventhoughiwas #applylikeeverytwominutes


2 thoughts on “punta cana

  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures! You are extremely talented, Laney!!’ Bella had the very best time with you and the girls. Thank you for inviting us!!!! (You need to pursue photography, sweetie)!


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