an introduction

oh I just know y’all have been dying to learn about me so here I am, delivering as usual. honestly it’s midnight rn and I’m bored so I thought what THE HECK. here’s like 25 fun facts about me! you don’t have to tell me, I know I’m just so quirky and fun!! (Grammy that’s sarcasm I don’t mean it literally)

⁃ The whole time my great grandpa knew me he thought my parents named me “Lady Elizabeth” instead of “Laney Elizabeth”

⁃ If I marry a country singer just know I’ve made it

⁃ I want to live in just about any southern state when I’m out of college

⁃ Mark my words. When I have my own house and family I will have a big red barn just for dancing

⁃ I want like 4-5 kids

⁃ My mom thinks I’m cleaning my room right now

⁃ I still sleep with my baby blanket every. single. night.

⁃ I try my hardest to go by the phrase “why be sad when you can be happy”

⁃ Not my best quality you could say but I do base about 80% of my decisions off of “would this make a good story”

⁃ I love to take pictures and videos ~lemme hook you up~ self promo

⁃ I think about my papa every single day I miss him more than I ever thought was possible

⁃ On a happier note, my nana is a certified crazy lady and I love that for her

⁃ Put me on a lake with my country music and I’ll do just about anything you ask

⁃ Currently, I have been having the hardest time thinking about leaving all the special ed kids like I’m literally kicking myself for not taking classes w them earlier

⁃ I literally say literally in just about every other sentence and I know I sound stupid

⁃ I have 8 cousins and we’re all girls so that’s fun

⁃ ^When you’re the oldest so you think that makes you the cool one but it does the opposite

⁃ My dogs mean everything to me I really don’t know how I can leave them

⁃ I’m convinced I have McDonald’s sprite running through my veins at this point

⁃ Just about anything can make me cry it’s honestly ~so great~

⁃ I drive a 2014 Honda Civic and if anyone has name suggestions hmu cause she’s been driving around nameless for about a year now

⁃ Yes I did see the greatest showman 14 times when it was in theaters and yes I cried every time

⁃ A goal of mine is to build my own house (not like literally nail and hammer build but like design) and it’s gonna be really funny when I don’t ever have the funds to do that

⁃ Boys are annoying and that’s facts

⁃ For some reason I cannot wear shoes during the summer don’t ask but I seriously can’t stand them

sorry to stunt on y’all like that

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