If you haven’t quite figured it out yet, my name is Laney Kyle. I’m 16 years old, dang near 6 feet tall, a junior, and now, a blogger. For starters, I set up this blog so I could look back on memories over time, and see how I’ve grown up and changed.

My life goals are simple- when you say them, but the tricky part is putting them to action and making a living out of it! I want to travel the world, take pictures, make videos, blog about all my trips and how much fun they were! Still working on the ‘making a living out of it’ part, but that’s the basics:-)

When I have something I really want to do, I am one to usually come up with a plan right there on the spot. I like to get things done and I like to pursue what I love. Through this blog I would also love to push people to make the most out of their lives, live it the way they want. Now, from every 12 year old girl’s instagram bio, I present the most basic of quotes. But instead of cringing, actually think about it.

“We only live once, but if we live it right, once is enough.”

Cute, I know. Haha seriously though, I’m tired of hearing ‘life is too short’ or ‘there isn’t enough time in life to do everything I want’ because I believe life is seriously what you make it. SERIOUSLY.

Now, promise me you will really, really, REALLY, try to accomplish what you want and to stay busy with your life. Life. is. what. you. make. it. Easy as that, so don’t just sit around and not accomplish those dreams you have, unless that is truly what you want out of life! Enough said, I hope y’all get the point.

Three pats on the back if you read all that and will still come back and look at my blog;-)  Love you all! xoxo