My 17th Birthday

Yesterday was my 17th birthday, which also happened to be the only year I was home on my birthday for as long as I can remember. I wanted to write this as soon as I could because I didn’t want to forget anything about it. This is one of the blog posts that’s more for the benefit of myself being able to look back on but you’re more than welcome to keep reading haha.

Back story- my mom and sister have been in Orlando and my dad has been with my grandparents in northern Indiana, so I’ve been home alone for a couple days, including my birthday. (But everyone should be coming back tomorrow so yay!!) Back to it- all the fun started around 11 pm the night before (June 21st) when my friend Abby and her dad came by my house and then I followed them back to their house to spend the night. Before I go on, their family is the sweetest and literally make me want to cry because of how they took me in the last couple of days and made my bday extra special:-) Sooo, we got to their house and right at midnight Abby made sure to yell “Happy Birthday!” and her brother did the same when he came downstairs too. Started the whole day on the best note.

My Grammy and Aunt Debby came in at 9:30 to take me out to brunch, so I left Abby’s at like 9 and right as I was walking out, Niki (Abby’s mom), was walking in with a big box of “birthday donuts”. SO SWEET. So of course, I went back in and had a donut;-) Anyways, I went to brunch which was fantastic and I’m so happy they came down for a little bit to see me on my bday! After they left, I took a nap with my dog, Roxy. If you know me, you know I LOVE naps, so it was great. I was woken up though, not by my alarm, but by two of my best friends, Carson and Riley, screaming and singing downstairs! I went down and they had gifts and (sooo many) cupcakes for me! I was so surprised and loved that they did that!! We had some cupcakes, and then went shopping. I picked up a couple things and then we went to Noodles and Company for lunch. We sat there for quite a while just chatting and I absolutely loved it. After that, we went hammocking for a little bit which was so fun and relaxing. So glad I could hang out with them for a majority of the day!! We also stopped by Riley’s dad’s new house which was fun to see and I am so in love with it (allll the heart eyes haha).

Right when I got home I quick unpacked my bag from the night before and packed up another one to sleepover at Abby’s again. I finally got to Abby’s and I walked in and there was the cutest little “Happy Birthday” banner on the fireplace, and on a chalkboard they have in the living room, it said “Happy Birthday Laney Lou!” (that’s what they call me, and I love it:-) ). Before I could even say anything or put my stuff down, Abby came over with a gift and everyone was saying happy birthday. I just love them oh my goodness. We had sliders at their house then went to her brother’s baseball game. I brought some of the cupcakes Riley and Carson made me to the game to see if anyone wanted any, because there was definitely more than I could eat! Long story short- Abby accidentally kicked one of the boxes over so the cupcakes were all over the place inside the box. I did what I knew I HAD to do, and literally ate like all the cupcake mess that was inside. NO REGRETS. hahah I peaked at that very moment for sure. Abby and I were laughing so hard, it was just one of those moments I hope I don’t forget. I don’t know if I have laughed so hard.

Our friend Mario came to the game too later on (when I was all sugared up like a 4 year old ahah). Then Abby and I got slushies and headed back to her house. Mario and our friend Carson (not to be confused from my best friend Carson i mentioned earlier ha), were already at Abby’s house when we all got back so we played cards down in the basement for a while. Then our friend Joe came over with slushies for everyone (I was feeling sooo blessed) and a card for me (unnecessary but it’s Joe and he’s the sweetest person ever). We all hung out until about midnight, which was again so fun and Abby and I almost peed ourselves laughing so hard at Carson (not AT him but at what he was saying and all his jokes haha), we were literally on the ground in the kitchen like wheezing. Anyways, we pretty much went to bed after and I couldn’t help but feel like today went the best it ever could’ve. So blessed for the friends I have.

Thank you to anyone who said happy birthday or texted me! Kept me smiling all day:-)

Right when I got to Abby’s the first night


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