The trip that wasn’t supposed to actually happen. I say that because I have planned like ohhhhhh 17 handfuls of trips that have never happened, so I was really waiting for something to come up that would put an end to this trip. It all started as a trip to Stagecoach in April, then a trip to Stagecoach in October, then finally a trip to LA. But for those 17 handfuls of trips that didn’t workout, this one made up for more than all of them.

One, I am so happy I was able to take this trip in the first place. Two, I had never been out west and I have alwaysssss wanted to go to California. So to be able to go somewhere I had never been was a dream. Three, the vibes on this trip were UNMATCHED crackhead vibes and I wouldn’t have asked for it any other way. I also don’t think it could possibly happen any other way.

There is something about being in LA that is so motivational and energizing, and I think it’s just the fact that SO much is always happening there. While we were there I kept thinking about how so many movies, tv shows, music, and so much more have all come out of this single place. It was so insane for me to think about and I 10000% get why people move here. And mark my words, if I could afford more than a cardboard box there, I too would be moving there.

On the flight home, I wrote down in my notes a list of the funniest things that happened or things I wanted to remember from the trip. Looking back at the list now makes me want to both cry tears of sadness because I want to go back as well as tears of happiness because I am so grateful that trip happened and it was truly one of the funniest couple days of my life.

So, in all her glory, here she is:

  • the dog in target dressed in a fur coat SPREAD EAGLE getting dragged across the floor by its owner
  • Driving down pacific coast highway alongside the beach in Malibu listening to heart of life by John Mayer
  • Kaylee saying “everyone here is so nice” after we had only come in contact with the in n out drive thru workers
  • Having to miss our fancy dinner and order in cause I thought I was on my death bed
  • Completely dragging the hell out of our suitcase down 5 flights of stairs in a parking garage and almost peeing our pants laughing
  • Not wanting to leave so we decided to chug one of our water bottles and vitamin water (Whole Foods doesn’t seem to carry ANY SODA) before our Uber picked us up for the airport
  • Kaylee opening her car door and realizing we had parked along the walk of fame
  • Me making the executive decision in .2 seconds to pull off the highway in Malibu and just take it all in and we ended up taking some pics
  • How comfortable the bed was in the Airbnb
  • Not being able to find the parking at the universal place so instead going to del taco and driving around Hollywood on our second to last night
  • Listening to my Coldplay playlist every night when we went to sleep
  • Trying to get in and out of the stupidest parking garage when we picked up and returned the car
  • Thinking our Airbnb was double booked when those people showed up for the house in front of ours
  • The photo booth on the Santa Monica pier highlighting every single pore on our faces
  • Hiking to the Hollywood sign and feeling so nostalgic
  • Walking down the beach before going to the airport and the man yelling about his umbrella being stolen
  • Eating in the beach parking lot and making the biggest mess of my life and kaylee thought she could fix it by dumping 2 gallons of hand sanitizer on me
  • Holy by Justin Bieber
  • The museum of dreams with the coolest rooms you could take pictures in
  • Driving to Chicago (already so behind schedule) and having to pee SO BAD and everyone in McDonald’s looking at us run in and out at the speed of light like 👁👄👁
  • Me thanking the Uber driver at the airport like he was Jesus Christ himself when we were leaving
  • Using the shaker as a cup in the Airbnb for the entirety of our stay
  • Getting to the airport and weighing our suitcase only to realize we were 9 pounds over the limit when we were SO sure we were under
  • Driving down Rodeo Drive and Kayls trying to take a snapchat but her camera was soooo messed up and us laughing so hard cause it would only make sense that that would happen on this trip (still a mystery to this day on how that happened)
  • Just the entire experience at LAX when we left because it felt like we were there for both 10 minutes as well as 4 hours
  • Trying to leave and Kaylee actually refusing to get in the car because we had to head to the place to drop off our car and go to the airport

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